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   Pradeep Sood Learned Basic Cooking & Cocktails While In Usa As Compulsion & Slowly It Converted into a Hobby To Entertain Friends . Being From Hard Core Engineering Back Ground It Was Fun To Experiment with Food. Initially Sometime Time Food Turn Out To Be Not Edible But Friends Enjoyed it  And It's A Fun…..

Biryani Paste  Devoloped By Pradeep Is One Of His Finest Culinary Job For Restaurents & House wives for  Convienance , Quick Cooking Yet Economical &  fun .. , Made From Old Specially Selected Royal खानदानी Recepe . 



Easy Biryani On Table!!!

How To Make Easy & Perfect Biryani At Home

Biryani Paste Double Concentrated :  

Portions to make Biryani:

A] 150 gms Paste :  300 gms Chicken , 60 to 70 gms Curd , 300 gms Raw Rice .

B] 300 gms Biryani Paste: 500 gms Chicken , 130 to 150 gms Curd , 500 gms Raw Rice .

C] 1000 gms Biryani Paste : 1000 gms Chicken , 250 to 270 gms Curd , 1000 gms Raw Rice .

Cooking Instructions for 300 gms Paste:

  1. Take 300gm Of Biryani Paste In A Bowl Add  400 TO 500 gms of Chicken or Mutton , Fish, Egg , Paneer Or Vegetables Also Add  130 to 150 gms Curd ,   Mix it Thoroughly In A Bowl and keep it for Marination for Around 2-3 hours. 
  2. Take A Pan Add One Table Spoon Of Ghee Or Oil And Cook The Marinated Mixture Add Little Tomato Puree For Tangy Taste And Color. , Cook Till The Protein Within It Gets Cooked. Add Little Tomato Puree For Tangy Taste And Color. ( Dilution Of The Double Concentrated Paste As Per Your Choice ) 

  3. Cooking Rice: Take  400 to 500 gms oF Raw Basmati Rice Add Brown Oinons & Little Ground Jeera / Cumin To Give Brown Color To Rice & Also Add Little  For Flavour Tej Pata / Bay leaf , Black Cardamom , Green Cardamon , star anise / chakri phool , Cinnamon , Mint Leaves  , Coriander leaves  , few Drops Of Lime & Little Desi Ghee.
  4. In The Biryani Pot Place The Layers Of Above Cooked Masala And Basmati Rice , Sprinkle Brown Fried Onions For Flavour & Give Dum.
  5. Once Done Serve Lavishly & Enjoy
  6. Total Final Biryani made will be appx. 2 kg. ( Sufficient for 5 to 6 Persons )

Cheers!!!  Enjoy Biryani From Kitchens Of Nawabs.


Biryani Paste Can Also Be Used for Making Excelent Bhuna Gravy  Dish for Chicken , Mutton Or Paneer …

Out Put Of Biryani Paste:

A] 150 gms of Paste Make  to 1.5 kg of Biryani

B] 300 gms of Paste Make 3 to 3.5 kg of Biryani

C] 1000 gms of Paste Make 10 to 12 kg of Biryani

( Cost Of Paste Used for 350 Gms Biryani Rs.10/ Only)

Shelf Life: 12 Months ( Refrigerate Once Opened ) / No Preservative Or Colors Used 

Packing Sizes: ( 1 Kg ) & (300 gms x3 = 900gms ) & (150 gms x3 = 450gms )

Now Make शाही लाजवाब Biryani 



Biryani Story

Biryani Originated In Persia , Moguls Brought To India & Then  It Spreaded All Over As Regional Biryani with so many Flavors .

Biryani Map

Biryani Culture In India Has Suddenly Become Very Popular , Over Taken Pizzas Sales Many Folds More , Foodontable offers One Of The Finest Biryani Paste.




Easy To Make Biryani for Home Use ,  A Perfect Single Meal Dish – Full Of Aroma




Lavish Biryani Spread

Now Easy Cooking Aids For Horeca ( Hotels , Restaurants & Caters) – Food Services ,  ast food Chains , Central Kitchens , Cloud Kitchens , Clubs , Resorts , Food Trucks ….

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