I Am A Home Chef – Absolutely Easy Cooking

    Pradeep Sood Learned Basic Cooking & Cocktails While In Usa As Compulsion & Slowly It Converted into a Hobby To Entertain Friends . Being From Hard Core Engineering Back Ground It Was Fun To Experiment with Food. Initially Sometime Time Food Turn Out To Be Not Edible But Friends Enjoyed it  And It's A Fun….. Foodontable & Heavencity food Are Big Exporter of Food Worldwide

Any Time Party Time

Jhatpat khana

Cooking Is Great Fun Now

No More Boring Meals – cooking Has Never Been So Easy & Simple Before


Foodontable Makes Everyone Home Chef Now


Home Chef Pradeep Sood  Welcome 1000s Of Enthusiastic Home Cooks To Try Our Basic Gravies for Daily Meals . Also Try Exotic And  Authentic 100s Of Indian Dishes . Become A Home Chef Use Foodontable.

We make cooking a Pleasure

Now Make Restaurant Style Butter Chicken At  Home

Smoked Makhni Gravey for Butter Chicken & Paneer Makhanwalla 


Simple To Use / Excellent Authentic Smokey  Flavour   
It Takes 5 Mins. To Make Yummy Butter Chicken


Party , Family Packs By The Kilo 



Free Delivery All Over India ( No Shipping Charges )

Manufactured At Mega Factories Under Supervision of Food Technologists & Chefs.


Now every body is A chef with finger licking foodontable

  • Few Basic Gravies Designed By Home Chef Pradeep Sood To Make 100s of  Gourmet And Daily meals . 
  • Easy cooking  For 15 Guest In 2 Hrs. & enjoy party instead of being in kitchen.
  • Every Dish Has Unique Taste. ( for Example Aloo Mutter , Rajma , Chole or Makhani Paneer will have distictive indiviual tastes )

Home Business: now very easy to setup & start home food dely in your neighbourhood



   Bachelor’s Delight : The Happiest Persons Are Bachelor’s With These Easy  Cooking Aids – Tasty Yet Quick To Make – 24×7

  Most Ideal For Sr. Citizen


Easy Carry Packs – Heat & Eat – For Pick Nicks , Tracking , Overseas Travel


  Smart Cooking      No messy kitchens!!!


Now Fine Dining At Home

Simmer Sauces , Stir Fry


Ready to Serve Curries  


Advantage Gravies By Foodontable: Nostalgic & fresh 


  1. Ready To Eat – Heat And Serve – Very Convenient & Tasty
  2. Ready To Cook Gravies North Indian Flavors Liked By Top Chef
  3. Ready To Cook Gravies – Can Make 100s Of Dishes – With Lot Of Variations 
  4. Can Make – Veg , Non Veg , Palau  , Biryani 
  5. Can Make Daily Home Meals , Party Food & Restaurant Style Food  
  6. Easy To Handle & Quick to Make Fantastic Food
  7. Easy To Store
  8. Try Once & Get Hooked
  9. Very Economical
  10. Call Over Yr Frnds & Show Off Yr Cooking Skills
  11. Even Restaurants , 5 Star Hotels , caters , clubs , Corporates , resorts , fast  food chain .. Are using our gravies Happily 


Mouth Watering Dishes You Can Make:

Veg:  Dal Makhani / Dal Bhukhara Rajma ( five Star style )  , Amritsri Chole , Aloo Mutter , Paneer Makhan Wala ,Aloo Mutter Paneer , Paneer  Mutter Methi Malai , Smoked Paneer , Paneer Tikka Masla , Palak Saag , Paneer Saag ,Dum Aloo Kashmiri , Pav Bhaji ,

Non-Veg: Chicken Curry , mutton curry , Butter Chicken , Mutton  Roganjosh , Keema Masala , Keema Methi ,Chicken Laal Maas, Chicken / mutton Adraki , Chicken Methi , Chicken Kadaai , Bhuna Chicken ,Dhaba – chicken / mutton

Rice/ Biryani: Veg Pulao , Veg  Dum Biryani , Non-Veg Chicken & Mutton Dum Biryani

Sweet Dish: Just Heat And Sever – Gulab Jamun , Sooji Halwa , Gajar Halwa , Moong Dal Halwa


Now sudden guest no problem , Spend More Time With Family & Friends

Ready To Eat Meals: Heat & Serve


  1. Paneer Makhanwala  2 Dal Makhani  3. Rajma 4. Amritsari Chole  5. Palak Paneer 6. Pujabi Kadi …..


  1. Butter Chicken 2. Chicken Methiwala  3. Keema Maala …

 Rice & Biryani: Chicken Biryani , Paneer Biryani …

 Sweet Dishes:  Just Heat And Sever – Gulab Jamun , Sooji Halwa , Gajar Halwa

 Excellent Qualty Ready To Cook Gravies for Home Chefs

  1. Makhani Gravy
  2. Rich Tomato Base Gravy 
  3. Brown Gravy 
  4. Shahi White Rich Gravy 
  5. Green Palak Gravy 
  6. Butter Chicken Gravy
  7. Biryani Paste  
  8. Pulau Paste   
  9. Garam Masla – Chef Special 
  10. A Complee Party Menu:
  1. Ready to Eat: Chana Masala  , Pindi Chana , Dal Makhani , Dal Makhani LF , Dal Fry ,Rajma Masala , Navratna Korma , Smoked Paneer , Paneer Methi Malai , Paneer Methi Malai , Kadhai Paneer (with paneer) , Paneer Lababdar , Kesari Paneer ,  Palak Paneer , Mumbai Bhaji, Gulab Jamun , Moong Dal Halwa
  2. Ready To Cook Gravies: Dum Aloo Gravy, Kadhai Gravy, Chettinade Gravy, Vindaloo Gravy, Biryani Paste, Veg Pulao paste ,Brown gravy, Tomato Gravy, Smoked Gravy, Makhani ,Mongolrian Gravy, Rogan Josh, Chettinad Gravy, Vindaloo

Shelf Life: 12 Months ( Refrigerate Once Opened ) / No Preservative Or Colors Used Used

Packing Sizes: 1 Kg &  300 gms x3 = 900gms


Now Restaurant Style Butter Chicken / Paneer Butter Masala on Your Finger Tips

Yummy!!!!  Biryani

Enjoy : Now Easy to Make


A Complete Meal


Starter Kit Order:

  1. Smoked Paneer Makhanwalla + Amrirtsar Chole – Ready to Eat
  2. Makhani Gravy + Rich Tomato Base Gravy ( Multi Purpose ) – Ready To Cook


Every day Surprise Buffet On Table



I Am A Home Chef


Food Safety & Shelf Life – Read More On Recipes Page



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