Food On Table

Why Choose Us?

Products: We Are Offering Premium Products Direct From Factory At Much Reduced Prices For  Daily Use.

Exported Worldwide, Being Supplied To Most Of 5 Star Hotels And Restaurants – First Choice Of Chefs. Many Dips & Sauces Are Formulated By Chef At Farm Level With Fresh And Pure Ingredients.

All Products Certified ISO , Halal , Haccep …

Food On Table Is A Platform Designed To Take The Stress Out Of Weeknight Dinners , Bachelors , Working Couples , Enjoy With Guest-No Hassles ….For Busy Families By Combining Easy-To-Cook Recipes, Mid Night Meals & Snacks , Food On Table Has Set New Biryani Culture In India Taken By Strom.

Any Time Party Time.– Ready To Eat , Read To Cook , Restaurant Food ,Tiffins , Snacks , Health Products …. Into One Seamless Process, The Foodontable App Has The Most Comprehensive Feature Set And Highest Ratings For Meal Planning

Company Is Promoted By Senior Engineer Pradeep Sood , Having  A Professionals Work Experience Of 40 Years Starting With Ingersoll Rand (Mining & Compressor Division) And Through Several Successful Business Ventures Ranging From Aerospace i.e Supply Of Parts And Repairs Of Commercial Aircrafts MRO – Boeing , Airbus & Helicopters , Managing Compressor Manufacturing Plant And Trading Of Ores & Minerals.

Now Distributor & Exporter Of Foods . Leaders In Retail Distribution To Malls , Super Markets , Shops .

Starting A Small  Venture Of B2c Ecommerce Platform With Internal Resources , Looking For Support From All Friends , Professional , Engineers , Doctors , friends in Hospitality sector.